Alaska Energy Data Gateway

The Alaska Energy Data Gateway (AEDG) is a public resource funded by a grant from the Department of Energy's EPSCoR program.

Public Data

The Alaska Energy Data Gateway provides the public, as well as project developers and researchers, with comprehensive energy data from across the state. With this information, the public can make informed decisions about energy issues in their communities and see how similar issues are being addressed in other parts of the state. To access our public data, choose one of the options below.

Most of the data in the Alaska Energy Data Gateway is available at the community level with the intent of providing information to assist communities in their on-going energy development and efficient energy use. Information can be downloaded and combined with data from the Alaska Community Database Online to provide comprehensive community information.

Community Data Summaries

Community Data Summaries show a selection of current data about communities, including geography, population and employment, fuel prices, electric rates, and more. To see the data summary for a community, select the community from the menu below.

Data Search Tool

The Data Search tool provides capabilities to browse, search, filter, preview, and download all of our public datasets in a variety of file formats with complete documentation. To use the data search tool, click the button below.

Data Search


The Alaska Energy Data Gateway is funded in part by a U.S. Department of Energy project entitled: Making Wind Work for Alaska: Supporting the Development of Sustainable, Resilient, Cost-Effective Wind-Diesel Systems for Isolated Communities. Data available on this site were expanded beyond wind to include other renewable energy projects in Alaska through our partner, the Alaska Energy Authority.