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Community Metric Explorer Overview

Metric Categories

There are three metric categories: Financial, Human, and Technical. Select a category to fill out the map and selection table.

Interactive Map

See how much data, on average, is available within the selected metric category on an interactive map. Click on a community to include it in your community selection.

Selection Table

Select by community, census area, or AEA energy region. You can filter the table contents using the filter box directly below the table.

Real Time Results

The results section is updated whenever you select additional communities. Build up your results set one community at a time, or select all your communities at once.

Contribute Data

If you have additional data you'd like to see on the Alaska Energy Data Gateway, or feel that we've missed existing data sets, just click the plus symbol in the results section and fill out the brief form.

View Detailed Metric Information

Click on any community's metric score to view detailed information about the metric's availability and a direct link to download the dataset through the Data Search Tool.